The Rose Knows – June 2016

“Everything’s coming up roses…” goes the lyrics written by Stephen Sondheim in the 1959 musical, Gypsy, and the month of June echoes this lively tune in our mountains. Roses dot the area in a variety of colors. Heirlooms, climbers, shrubs, teas, and antique garden varieties were brought here by early settlers. Now days, hybrid varieties allow easy maintenance and summer-long beauty. Here, at Tudor Croft, a rose by a different name is our focus, the symbolic Tudor rose.

The emblem of Tudor Croft is the Tudor rose, sometimes called the union rose. The outer petals are red, and the inner petals are white with a yellow center incorporating both the red rose of the English House of Lancaster and the white rose of the English House of York.

The name Tudor (Tudur-Welsh) comes from the first Tudor King of England, Henry VII. Henry VII was an ancestor of the Lancaster family and Richard III was an ancestor of the York family. After many battles (called the War of the Roses) for the crown between these two factions, Richard III was killed in the Battle of Bosworth in 1485 ushering in the Tudor dynasty with the reign of Henry VII. Henry VII’s marriage to Elizabeth York (daughter of the Yorkish King Edward IV and Richard III’s niece) cemented the Tudor dynasty. Henry VII’s son Henry VIII and Henry VIII’s children, Edward VI, Mary I, and Elizabeth I completed the Tudor reign that ended in 1603.

In our Tudor court here in Black Mountain, everything is coming up roses for Sure Point Builders. First of all, Hugh and Irene Caumartin have closed on their beautiful home at 17 Tudor Way. In addition, 9 homes are scheduled to close this month, and new homes are soon to be constructed. Our neighborhood is blooming forth! Also Phase II-A will be open for home site reservations this month thus painting a rosy picture for the future.

The Tudor dynasty ushered in a time of economic prosperity and religious upheaval in 16th century England. However, the Tudor rose remains a symbol of peace and unification. Likewise, the Tudor roses on our entrance monuments symbolize harmony and community at Tudor Croft.

Welcome to Our Court!